Like many celebrities, Tom Cruise tries to control journalists. He hates talking about his heavy involvement Scientology, for example. But who knew he'd try to force his interviewers to like Valkyrie?

Italian publication LeiWeb opened its interview with Cruise by describing all the restrictions imposed by the movie star's publicists. According to both a tipster and Google's translation of the article, the requirements to interview Tom Cruise were as follows, at least for LeiWeb:

  • Must have seen Valkyrie.
  • Must have liked Valkryie.
  • Must read a letter about how Scientology has never been banned in Germany. Even though, uh, Tom Cruise hates talking about Scientology.

Since celebrity journalists will, as a rule, stoop to any form of flattery, Cruise might as well go all out and insist reporters tell him he looks taller than they expected and that War of the Worlds is hugely underrated, then congratulate him on his "Freedom Medal Of Valor" from the Church of Scientology.

Also: The Google translation indicates Cruise is moving to New York to be near Katie Holmes. Would any fluent Italian speakers care to check the original language and tell us if this is, in fact, what is written (and that "visit" was not mistranslated to "move")? UPDATE: According to Italian Claudia, it is in fact written that Cruise is moving to New York. Of course, it's still up in the air whether the interviewer understood correctly. Thanks Claudia!