Some Google users feel lucky. And others are born lucky. Benji Brin, the baby son of Google cofounder Sergey Brin and biotech entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki, falls in the latter category.

Valleywag has just learned the name of the first heir to the Google fortune, who was born in late December. But domain records suggest his parents may already be planning young Benji's career on the Web. (Either that, or some mischievous sort privy to the family's secrets snapped up the kid's name as a website address.) On Friday, got registered using a private-domains service to hide the customer name.

For modern parents, registering a baby's name is relatively normal, a trend USA Today deemed mainstream two years ago. Thank goodness for that. If Benji Brin's baby shower, where his parents and guests dressed up in diapers and footie pajamas, is any indication, he's in for a weird if wealthy life.

(Photoillustration of Benji Brin's likely appearance, based on his parents, via