1. Star Gael Garcia Bernal is utterly adorable in person, and may very well fit in one's front pocket.

2. Producer Alfonso Cuaron (whose brother Carlos wrote and directed) pronounces the movie's title all in one word and makes it sound like a boutique perfume. In fact, we may stop by one of the swag suites later to stock up on some rudoycursi.

3. Downstairs in the bathroom of the Bon Appetit Supper Club, we met Derick Martini, the director of the Alec Baldwin-starring Sundance entry Lymelife. He had on Dwayne Wayne eyeglasses.

4. Aside from brothers Chris and Danny Masterson (and Gregory Smith from Everwood!) the room seemed surprisingly heavy on the gays for a Sundance sports movie. Then again, it is the first reteaming of Bernal and Diego Luna since Y Tu Mama Tambien. Don't go in expecting Bernal-on-Luna action, though—the two play brothers (not that such a fact would necessarily prevent sexual contact in a Sundance film).

5. "Carlos is a festival virgin," Alfonso told us, as his brother blushed. "He is very excited that you will be popping his cherry."

[Photo Credit: Peter Knegt/Indiewire]