Please let this be true. According to a barely literate MySpace message, Sarah Palin is snubbing the family of Levi Johnston, the jock who knocked up Bristol, because they're "white trash." (Not that we'd disagree.)

[Update: Yep, it's true.]

The message was supposedly left by Mercede Johnston, Levi's 18-year-old sister, on the page of Mellissa Wilfong, a former Wasilla resident who now lives in Florida, to tell her about an upcoming trip to Orlando. As an aside, she notes that she and her mom (that would be Sherry, the one who was busted for dealing OxyContin) aren't allowed to visit Bristol and Levi's love child.

For those who have trouble reading the prose of this fine product of the Wasilla school system, here's a translation:

Levi is in a bit of a haze right now... Umm, I'm not allowed to see my nephew and my mom isn't either. We aren't Palins so therefore we are white trash and Bristol doesn't want her baby around us. So mom and I are really upset over it. I just hope Levi pulls his head out of his butt and lets us see our nephew and her grandbaby.

It's not just the utter inability to spell that makes us think this is the real Mercede. Her MySpace page (which is set to private) has been the source of other fun Palin family revelations. In happier days, i.e. last year, Mercede visited the Palin household soon after Sarah's magical baby Trig was born (see above). And Wilfong appears to be in the Palin orbit as well. Last September, while everyone was claiming that Trig was actually Bristol's baby, she piped up on Fox News' web site to tell everyone to shut up, note that her sons used to attend school with Bristol, and that she wouldn't be voting for her former Mayor. (Smart lady.)

(Yep, her name is spelled Mercede. Wasilla names are so damn creative.)