Googlers do things differently. But Google's founders are quirkier than you might imagine. Take the diaper-fetish party Larry Page threw to celebrate the coming birth of Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki's first child.

Page and his wife Lucy Southworth, the model-pretty, Stanford Ph.D.-smart scion of a family connected to the Bushes, threw the party for Brin and Wojcicki in a San Francisco warehouse space a couple of months ago, we're told. The dress code: baby clothes. Guests wore adult diapers, footie pajamas, and other infantile getups.

Most guests, that is: Gavin Newsom, San Francisco's sexaholic mayor, refused to play dressup. "Dignity," he explained. We suspect that a team of Googlers, at this very moment, may be working to eradicate dignity as an obstacle to their goal of organizing the world's information.

(Oh, and that sighting of Brin at a maternity ward last month? A bit too early, but Wojcicki did have their child a few weeks later. We know all kinds of things about this baby, thanks to Wojcicki's oversharing on Oprah — likely to be lactose intolerant, unlikely to have blue eyes, high risk of Parkinson's — but not its name. Anyone care to fill us in?)