Barack Obama paid a visit to the Washington Post newsroom yesterday, and our capital's toughest reporters collectively swore to never wash that hand again. Crush on Barry! Nothing wrong with that, says Howard Kurtz:

Kurtz's job is to explain why nothing any reporter at the Washington Post has ever done constitutes bias or a lack of professionalism of any sort. Which he does like a champ! A slimy, disingenous champ. But first Howie allows (if you read between the lines) that, yes, the majority of the WP staff would have sexually serviced Barack right there on the newsroom floor, had he asked:

Camera phones flashed as Obama, trailed by Post Co. chief executive Donald Graham, began his stroll around the fifth-floor newsroom's perimeter, shaking hands and greeting nearly 200 staffers. "Where are the sportswriters?" he asked. "I want to ask about the Redskins, Nationals and Wizards."

Ohmigod Michael Wilbon totally fainted and ran to the bathroom to compose himself. Other journalists kept their wits about them, taking the opportunity to question the world's most powerful man:

"Did you like Ben's Chili Bowl?" asked Metro reporter Theola Labbe-DeBose, referring to Obama's recent visit to the downtown eatery.

"That half-smoke's all right," Obama said.

Another staffer asked about the family's dog search.

Hey, give the guy a break! He's just trying to walk, here! When Barack had finished charming the swooning staffers he went off to charm the paper's swooning top editors (pictured, above). This is all exactly in keeping with how the Washington press corps does business, says Howie:

Does the episode, which some staffers muttered was a tad embarrassing, mean the paper's staff has a soft spot for Obama? Not really. It means that when an extremely famous and soon to be very powerful person shows up at the office, journalists act like people everywhere. They gawk.

Oh Howie. We do when we see you! Anyhow, looks like the DC press corps' Obama years will be just as blowjob-filled as the Bush years were. Or so they hope! [WP; pics via Getty. Below: Washington Post investigative reporters on the Obama beat yesterday. Heh.]