Everyone is out to spite everyone: Jay Leno ruined 90 minutes of Conan O'Brien's life; Lindsay Lohan is refusing to eat and John McCain isn't letting his wife go on that fun TV program.

  • John McCain's relationship with his second wife, in a nutshell: Cindy thought it would be a good idea to appear as a dancer on "Dancing With the Stars," right after the election. He nixed the idea. [P6]
  • After initially saying he was totally fine with Jay Leno getting a 10 p.m. weeknight show before his own Tonight Show, Conan O'Brien admitted he was upset for, like, an hour and a half. [Times]
  • Everyone is worried about how skinny Lindsay Lohan has become amid rumors she broke up from Samantha Ronson. [Mail]
  • Tracy Morgan: "I have a lot of issues. Money, women, fast cars, more money, more women, the right woman. Just issues." Please no one tell him those are only two actual issues. The man has enough on his plate. [P6]
  • Courtney Love lashed at "Jew loan offiers" and "Jew private banks." In Heeb. [P6]
  • Hearst withdrew an offer to hype a bio of longtime Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurly Brown in its magazines, because the book says the company went to fire Brown for years before she finally left. [P6]
  • Sean Combs supposedly broke down at a screening for the movie Notorious, about his friend Notorious B.I.G. [Daily Star]