1/14 — At the Clipper game, ED HELMS sitting behind the basket with some agent type. Cute in person, seemed to enjoy the game, acted like a normal fellow. To screw up this nice sighting, enemy to anyone with taste, BEN LYONS was toddling around with that other E! anchor, Saul and/or Sway and/or Quaddus. Saul had floor seats, Ben was a couple rows back, sucking down what looked to be cherry daquiris, flailing his arms around uselessly, and screaming at the male cheerleaders. I swear to God, I can't swing a dead cat in this town without hitting that toolbag. [We know, we know — just swing it hard. Hollywood PrivacyWatch is written by and for Defamer readers; send your sightings to tips@defamer.com.]