Historic: Time has published its 15th Barack Obama cover. Gazing upon this outpouring of unadulterated Baracknophilia, one can only wonder if there are any new ways left of showing this man on a magazine cover.

So far, Time has already tried:

Straight-ahead head shot (2)
Straight-ahead head shot, half black and white
Barack in montage of other influentials (2)
Barack with political opponent (3)
Semi-profile head shot
Semi-profile head shot, as painting
Semi-profile head shot, as Shepard Fairey poster
Arms-folded upper body shot
Back-of-head shot
Photoshop as former President.
Baby picture

And there at least four more solid years of Obama covers on the way! Either Time is going to start repeating itself (even more), or they're going to have go deep into the bag of tricks. Standing on one foot? Playing basketball? Screaming angrily at staff? Surreptitious smoking photo? The paparazzi have their work cut out for them if America is to be free of fifty months of Barack's same old face.