Won't anyone tell us anything interesting about Obama's two picnics with the commentariat? No, because no one fun was invited.

For some reason, the names of all the liberal attendees of Obama's little party have been leaked, but there are ten or so of the righties we still don't know about. But of all the available names, there are only two regular bloggers: Andrew Sullivan and Larry Kudlow. Background from the meeting has already made it into a Kudlow post, and then he gushed about it on TV. As for the liberal breakfast? Sullivan is NOT TALKING. Except for more gushing admiration.

I can say, however, the following: it's hard to express the relief I feel that this man will be the president soon. I realize that's what I feel above all else: relief.

I may disagree with him at times, and criticize him at times, but his great gift is showing that he does not expect people to change their convictions in order to find common areas of agreement.

What kind of blogger attends a breakfast with the president and reports nothing? Why attend? Do you think Obama wanted to be your BFF? We thought this was the kind of clubby old-media DC beltway elite gathering that bloggers were supposed to destroy what with their no rules citizen journalism and all that? No...?

It is worth noting that almost no one else on the list has a blog. Paul Krugman, occasional blogger, turned the invitation down. Because, to be fair, he should probably be invited to speak to the president-elect as a Nobel Prize-winning economist and not as a member of the chattering classes to be briefly appeased with personal attention and flattery.

So it looks like we'll have to wait days—days!—for columns in "newspapers" from Dionne, Dowd, Rich, and everyone else on the list, if any of them are going to reveal anything intersting. Sigh. Peggy Noonan, you're our only hope.