Tuesday's Inauguration of Barack Obama is all anyone's excited about these days. Today a super-excited school choir, from a down-on-its-luck corner of the country, learned that they get to perform during the festivities.

A choir director and his students from an "inner-city" Atlanta middle school, who became internet sensations this year for their original rap song about voting or something, were on Good Morning America this, um... morning... in America. And Teach had some big news. They have been invited to perform their new song about Obama in D.C., for some portion of the multi-day Inauguration partayin'.

The kids hooted and hollered and were, understandably!, thrilled. Meanwhile, the poor teary teacher could barely get the sentence out. It's sort of like if Corky St. Clair had won at the end of Waiting for Guffman and Red, White, & Blaine had gone to Broadway!