Barack Obama is wooing the milquetoast-conservative punditocracy tonight, at George Will's house (obvs). And the Times better have the killer inside scoop, because its columnists are all up in that dinner party.

Will is there, presumably. The only two other people known in attendance, other than Obama and his transition spokesman, write for the Times, according to liberal media spies. From the pool report:

Thanks to an enterprising photographer, a shot through a window showed op-ed stalwarts William Kristol and David Brooks are also part of this unlikely gathering of tight, right suits.

Tight and right? Sexxxy.

(There's Obama tonight, going into Will's actual stately/gay light-yellow house, in the AP photo above.)

Surely Brooks and Kristol will share the juiciest moments from this war-hawk key party with Times readers, now that Change has come to DC's off-the-record cocktail-party insider clusterfuck, right?