SCOOP: Ben Smith has published a long work of college journalism by our new leader Barack Obama! Click through for highlights of this elitist Ivy League anti-war tract, starring Barack quoting Peter Tosh:

So the piece is, I'm estimating, about a 2,500-word treatise for the Columbia Sundial about two antiwar groups on campus which is pretty much as boring as you would expect, considering the subject. But it was written by Barack Obama! He was a very wordy young man. But he found a way to work in the Steppin Razor:

Coolest president EVA. You know John McCain never quoted Peter Tosh! Or blew a fat spliff of Orange Hill while jammin "Legalize It" on a '45. And check out this deep shit:

Ha, well Barack was a normal pretentious Columbia student. I'll be. Read the entire thing here. [via Politico]