It takes just one crack about Britney Spears's vagina's "razor-sharp teeth" on her official Twitter feed — a juvenile stunt by a hacker — and her entire social media operation is thrown into disarray.

Lauren Kozak is Spears' "social media manager" who wrote most of the updates to the Britney Twitter feed before the hacking attack. She apologized in our comments after the incident, but Britney's Twitter has been almost completely silent since. The most recent message came from Larry Rudolph, Spears's manager. Curiously, Kozak herself has posted to Twitter recently. And Spears is advertising for a new social media manager.

But! We hear from a source that after the job listing went up, Kozak has said she's still on the job. And that the person who was actually fired was her boss. Which is where this really gets interesting: The contact listed on the job posting is Joseph Nejman — presumably the boss Kozak mentioned getting fired. Nejman, according to his LinkedIn profile, currently works at Google. But he previously founded JJ Chill, a Venice, Calif. fast-food joint, with Jamie Spears, Britney's father, with whom she's had contentious relations, both business and personal.

A baroque split in the Britney camp over a Twitter-hacking incident? On the Internet, all things seem possible.