This is even more outrageous than that Hollywood scandal book we mentioned yesterday where all the most scandalous stuff was only available online, for free:

Da Capo Press relegated to the Web the science part of a book on jetpacks.

Don't get us wrong, a book on jetpacks is an awesome idea. Here, just look at the preview video:

And cutting out book editors and going straight to the Web is still a great idea. In this case, author Mac Montandon and his editor agreed to cut from the print edition the chapter Montandon's dad wrote on the physics of jetpacks. Montandon, who wrote in after seeing yesterday's post on the scandal book, said he and his editor agreed the material "would work better" on the Web.

So now anyone can go read about the physics of jetpacks, for free, on Montandon's site. Which is pretty cool.

Looking through the table of contents of "Jetpack Dreams," it's hard to imagine what could be more important to a jetpack book than how jetpacks actually work, but we'll have to trust Mac Montandon on this one, if only because he said his father signed off on the decision.

Does giving away free chapters online help book sales? Well, Montandon's book, released in October, is ranked 429,019th in Amazon sales. But it's number 73 in "Patents & Inventions!"