After his chat tonight with Bill O'Reilly, Christopher Hitchens asked for a second date: "We've barely got our trousers off," he said. The hawkish former Trotskyite had certainly pushed O'Reilly's buttons.

But not in a good way.

The Fox News Channel shouting head had flirted with the idea of making Hitchens an O'Reilly Factor pet. "I want to be polite tonight," he said, before asking Hitchens if his gay communist friends in New York hate waterboarding because they're arrogant or because they're charlatans.

The next thing you know, Hitchens is mentioning John McCain and human rights lapses at Guantanamo, and O'Reilly's lecturing him about how disappointed he is in Hitchens, who had thought was "a level headed guy."

The Hitch tried to placate his highly-rated host several times, kinda embarrassingly actually, but it was no use in the end.

You can go on O'Reilly's show as a right-wing bat-swinger or as a left-wing piñata. Hitchens is too smart to be asked on as the latter, and hopefully/apparently also too smart to go along with the former. His moments of meekness show he hoped he could fit in as a friend of the show; the rest of the video (highlights above) showed was unable to play the sycophant O'Reilly apparently craves.