Mickey Rourke got the finger, Kate Winslet dissed Angelina Jolie and Tracy Morgan proclaimed himself the new face of America. Everyone was especially coarse and punchy.

As a result, Golden Globes were actually interesting. Outside of Hollywood.

Tina Fey killed by telling the internet to "suck it." Only Sacha Baron Cohen seemed to go over the line and fall on his face, because there's just no sport in laughing at Madonna's ex-husband.

Colin Farrell explained his case of the sniffles:

If Tracy Morgan doesn't get an Emmy nomination for his Golden Globe speech, hope is dead in America:

Tina Fey wisely conserved her ammo for her own speech:

Darren Aronofsky turned an entire generation of children into future thugs, with obscenity:

Sascha Baron Cohen died a little inside (and a lot outside):

Kate Winslet would like to apologize to all the losers, for being so awesome. What's that one loser's name? Brange-something?