Those anonymous internet critics Tina Fey told to "suck it" in her Golden Globe acceptance speech tonight are actual posters on the LA Times' Envelope awards site. And mean!

Some points of clarification, though. Two of the three commenters Fey called out in her speech (video above) are the same person — "dianefan" used to be "cougar-letter." And the third, "BabsonLacrosse," totally got caught in the crossfire.

Dianefan has been kind of a d-bag, as Fey would put it. Since at least September, when she was slamming the choice of Fey to play Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live:

I think there are lots of choices other than Tina... Megan Mullally, Sarah Silverman, Teri Hatcher, Shannon Doherty... Not everyone has to think that Tina Fey is the be all and end all... I simply think all of those actresses have some spunk in them that could work.

Dianefan was more vicious Oct. 23 2008, as cougar-letter (see quotes in later posts), on the idea of Fey hosting the Oscars:

Tina Fey would be a dreadful host.

That Sarah Palin bit is getting very old.

Gotta love the animated puking graphic! Dianefan has been big on those.

Nov. 20 2008, in the official 30 Rock Season 3 thread:

Tina Fey was simply like the pimple on my face - just there

.... I think that the key issue here is the fact that when Tina is at her best, she's just not that great.

Dec. 14 2008, after the Golden Globe nominations were announced:

I just hope they give the win to anyone but Tina Fey. Boy I can't wait until Edie Falco comes back on the scene just to wipe that smug look off Tina's face.

Dec. 16, after Fey failed to garner a nod from the vaunted "Golden Satellite Awards:"

These wins are sooooo inspiring. I'm so stoked that Tina Fey didn't win.

Jan. 10, day before the awards:

This Tina Fey love fest is a bloody joke at this point. I am rooting for anyone else in that category.

Well, that didn't work.

But at least she got a shout-out! Maybe that will make Dianefan a bit less of b? Hahahaha no. From tonight:

I'm famous. She mentioned BabsonLacrosse too. Sorry Tina Fey but I still don't think you deserved to win.

BabsonLacrosse (now "KateWinsGG") has not posted much on Fey. She seems to kind of adore her, though:

Dec. 14 , in reaction to the Golden Globe nominations:

Tina Fey and Christina Applegate are the 2 best comedic actresses on TV right now. To suggest they got in due to the Palin impersonation or breast cancer is absurd.

What got Fey was probably this slightly bitchy comment, in agreement with the dreaded dianefan, Jan. 10:

Fey if she wins might as well start thanking Sarah Palin because while I like Fey on 30 Rock, she's certainly won enough for it as of now.

And now, BabsonLacrosse, YA BURNT.

In the most flattering way, of course. It's a long way up from anonymous Web board haunt to televised-awards-speech diss fodder. And that may have been the idea. In addition to being clever and funny, Fey's faux-rant had the effect of bringing Fey and her show down to Earth, closer to its intended audience. Jack Donaghy would never endorse such a move, but then Jack Donaghy and his real-life ilk have never seen first-hand the free publicity that comes from being a YouTube darling. Fey has.

(Last clip in video from LA Times.)