The winter may be bleak and cold, but at least we have this story to warm our hearts. We've had our first Gawker Commenter engagement! Well, OK, he was a Deadspin commenter. But still!

A young man, let's call him Ben even though that isn't actually what his name is, writes to our cruel-yet-cuddly overlord, Nick Denton:


Have to thank you for something you aren't even aware of yet being responsible for. Last week I got engaged to my girlfriend of a few years. Your part in this? we met through the Denton media empire. [She] was a peripatetic commenter on Gawker. I read Gawker but spent most of my time on Deadspin. Reading her comments always made me laugh, so I followed a link to her blog. We corresponded, met for drinks, fell in love, moved in together and are now planning to marry. Life is good, and a tip of my hat to you, sir.

Cockles! Warmed! Congrats you two. Shine on like crazy diamonds or rubies or complete each other or whatever it is. We're still going to be here, typing away forever.