So you may have heard this already, but actor Michael C. Hall just married Jennifer Carpenter, the actress who plays his sister on their Showtime drama Dexter. Is that weird? Will it ruin the show?

I guess the pair had been secretly dating for a while, and finally eloped over New Year's. So, ew? Will it be weird to watch them on the show, playing just regular old bro and sis, knowing that they're doing the nasty off camera? I mean is it any more off-putting than these bro/sis ickies?

Greg & Marsha on The Brady Bunch
Have you ever read Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg? It's by Barry Williams and it's fascinating. (If, you know, you were like me and devotedly watched the show, whether when it was originally on or in huge right-after-school chunks on Nickelodeon.) Aside from hilarious/squirmy details about how the kid who played Bobby got really horny one year and how the girls refused to wear bras once women's lib got started, there is some detailing of the off-camera fuckfest that was waged by Barry and his costar Maureen McCormick, who played his non-biological sister Marsha. It became so obvious on camera that they were diddling off the set, that the writers and producers started actively avoiding putting them in scenes together. Given the sticky wholesomeness of the show, I find this premium gross.

Cher and Josh in Clueless
Thirteen years later, it still sort of lingers, right? At the end of that movie the former step-siblings make out at the top of the stairs and go to a wedding together. Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone obvs aren't related in real life, but stiiilllll! Sorta-incest at the end of a teen movie! It's like Flowers in the Attic only bubblygummier (and, you know, way less biological.) Love that movie as I do (I probably reference it at least once a day), I still never quite got over my knee-jerk shudderiness at their triumphant union.

Blake/Serena and Penn/Dan on Oprah Winfrey Presents: Gossip Girl
So... they're dating in real life, and they're sorta dating again on the show, but now that we know that their characters have a half-sibling in common, isn't their onscreen courtship sorta boot-nasty? I mean, if she married him, she'd be her own brother's sister-in-law. It's a little funky. Is this the writers' way of ending their relationship plotline once and for all? I, for one, think it should be. Not because there's any biological imperative that should repel them from each other, like magnets, but because it makes me uncomfortable in a squirrely, immature way. I referenced that show Young Americans in my last recap because, um, the situation there was worse. They were actually half-siblings and still wanted to kiss and fondle each other's privates. The show ended before they could do it again, but I think they were heading there.

So, yeah, weekend incest post! Whoo! Dex and Deb are sexing. In real life! Not on the show! Gahhhh! Does it ruin it for you?