Mary Rambin, the scholar-poet corner of ladyblog Non Society's feminist Bermuda Triangle, has, in one simple blog post, demonstrated two things that must be shut down. Immediately.

The girls (Mary, pretend-techie Megan Asha, and their all-knowing overlord Julia Allison) are partying/promoting it up at CES, the tech consumer trade show (a yearly Woodstock for nerds and early-adopters.) Mary, of course, is "life-casting" the whole adventure, ranting and hooting into the internet echo chamber about their exploits. And then she does two unforgivable things:

1) Playing Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or any of the other music video game iterations doesn't make you fun. At this point it's like saying that you sent an email or went to the bathroom. Playing that game no longer makes you quirky or nerd-chic or endearing. Play away, by all means, but it won't make you whimsical. (Also, no more "lip dubs," please.)

2) If one more young woman refers to herself and her girlfriends as "crazy," I'm burning this whole thing down. Unless you and your girlfriends are murdering drifters just to get your down-below bits going, or sitting on a city bus yelling at dust motes about the Asians, y'all are not crazy. You're just regular people who like to have fun. Saying "we're crazy!!" is not going to get anyone to think that you're extra super special fun any more than assigning yourselves various Sex and the City character names and going to brunch all the time will affirm to anyone that your particular sisterly bonds are stronger than the ones other ladies have with their friends. Unfortunately in this world, no one is that special. Do you get what I'm saying here, or am I, um, crazy?

End rant.

Anyway, looks like fun. Have a good time ladies.