So this is what congress has been up to lately! They just finished a two-year investigation into steroid use in professional wrestling. The most important finding?

The Incredible Hulk Hogan was not actually incredible!

This is the work of Henry Waxman and his government oversight committee. Here is WWE executive VP Stephanie McMahon:

Q: How does talent get to become main-event talent?

A: Basically, hard work and perseverance and overwhelming the audience. . . . When someone walks out on that stage, they either connect with the people or they don't. If you walk out on stage and nobody cares and you don't have any presence, you are never going to be a main-event guy. But if you walk out and you make the people notice you, you can be a main-event guy. You really don't even have to be a good wrestler. Hulk Hogan was a terrible wrestler, and he still is.

Q: For the record, I am sure he would disagree with that.

A: I am sure he would disagree with that. I forget this is all public. But, you know, he was. He was a terrible wrestler. But what an incredible psychologist and what an incredible charismatic person. There is no denying Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest stars in the history of our business and will always be perceived as such. But he was not a great wrestler, not a great technician.

Ouch. But in his defense he was a kick-ass Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando.