Blago's on TV now. His defense: the House has been trying to impeach him for years! Since day one! Oh man Shep Smith is literally talking over him and mocking him. Update: Hey, video!

"This is gross." –Shepard Smith, Television News Anchor. Hah.

Very professional, Shep!

He just keeps going! "Helllooo, Blago, can we talk about the Senate seat?" They're just talking over him now! Him and Major Garret. We have no idea what Blago is saying and we can't tell you the details because now Shepard is talking about college football.

"Where's that journalist from Iraq who threw a shoe at the president? Is he available?" Blago is maybe talking about children with cancer. OMG wait he says he got some cancer kid lifesaving treatment, "IS THAT AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE?"

MORE POETRY FROM BLAGO! "Oh, goody," says Shep. He was going to quote a British poet but he's talking about sacrifices for kids or something, or his parents.

Ha ha Tennyson! The end!

"What a waste of 34 minutes." -Shep Smith. God bless him.