The Illinois House impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich today, hooray! The lawmakers voted 114-1 to impeach, after denouncing him for an hour or so.

Last Friday it was reported that the House was rushing back to work to get Blago impeached ASAP. It only took a full week of doing whatever! Well to be fair they "rushed" back on Wednesday and yesterday the investigation committee voted to send the impeachment to the floor. There is a "scathing report."

Now the issue heads to the Illinois Senate, where a 2/3rds majority will be needed to actually get Blago out of office. This is the "trial" portion of the impeachment, and thus it will be a hilarious unending spectacle, as Illinois seeks to rid itself of the odd little man who has made them a laughingstock by putting on a variety musical revue of his madness. Also good work getting him out of office before he TAINTED Obama's Senate seat, guys! That was the point of all this, wasn't it?

Blago will issue a statement at 2.

This is, amazingly, the first time Illinois has impeached a governor, even though all of their governors have been horse thieves. One guy voted "no."