This could either be the most annoying thing on television or it could be the most annoying and hilarious thing on television: Al Sharpton is your Colmes-for-a-Day!

Sean Hannity, a thick-necked antisemite, has a program on the Fox News Television For Women Network where he used to abuse this smiley liberal comedian named Colmes for an hour. But Colmes broke up with him, and so now Hannity needs a new punching bag.

Well for one night that bag will be Al Sharpton. Sharpton is a comic figure, not well-respected even by many liberals, but the guy argues a bit more forcefully than Alan, and he's also much smarter than Hannity. So it will not be edifying television, and it will be soul-crushing, probably, because crazed baby-farming congressmonster Michele Bachmann is the other panelist, but next Monday we will probably see Al Sharpton make Bachmann cry, or spit fire.

Also Meatloaf will be there. That is not a joke because why would we ever make a joke that absurd? No, Meatloaf will indeed be there, talking about politics.