Did you know that the most important thing about Barack Obama's election is the fact that he's giving hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free publicity to the makers of Blackberry? It's true.

See, Barack is always talking about how much he luvs his Blackberry. But he isn't even paid for it! And if he was, it could be "almost the biggest endorsement deal in the history of endorsements,” according to marketing execs who had thin strands of drool running down the corners of their mouths. $25 million? $50 million? Obama could charge almost anything!

And hey, why stop there? Just imagine how much his public endorsement of, say, the 2010 Pentagon budget request could be worth! $100 million? $500 million? Barack can be America's first billionaire prez, before he even leaves office! Paid Endorsements are the new Endorsements Based on Genuine Feeling! [NYT; pic via]