Bernie Madoff's karmic debt is balancing out! Because yes, he ripped off a lot of worthy charities, but now we find out he also ripped off tax-evading Clinton pardonee Marc Rich:

Marc Rich reportedly lost $10-15 mil via a money manager who invested in Madoff on his behalf. Rich's spokeswoman called this an "insignificant exposure," so yes, Marc Rich is still mad rich, in case you were wondering. But he won't be getting it back:

The idea that Mr. Rich, the onetime fugitive, may now turn to an American court to seek redress struck some lawyers as fraught with problems and unlikely at best.

“I don’t think you’ll ever see Marc Rich personally,” said John F. Fornaciari, a Washington defense lawyer at Sheppard Mullin, who had to stifle a laugh thinking about the legal complications stemming from the flight from justice and the contested pardon.

Luckily Rich's protector-in-chief Eric Holder is all set to run the Justice Department under Hussein NObama, so soon Rich will be showered with your taxpayer dollars, somehow, just watch. [NYT]