Interview recently sent addled Bravo awards crasher Lauren Hutton to interview sometimes actress Lindsay Lohan, a pairing that evokes an episode of Iconoclasts filmed as the fold-out chairs are stacked after an AA meeting.

Hutton is too zonked out from lack of eating, a recent flight, and a Chateau Marmont hot toddy to challenge Lohan much, leaving the younger actress free to make wildly self-unaware assertions that are crying out for a parenthetical rebuttal. Whether it's Lohan's complaint that even at a massive Palms launch party in Dubai, she had paparazzi following her (yes, that tends to happen at enormous, celebrity-studded hotel openings), her observation that movies these days simply aren't very good (Labor Pains), or her claim that she only misbehaved for a six-month period (that defies any Georgia Rule- and DUI-inclusive timeline), the interview is frustrating and enervating in equal measure.

Thus, we leave you with this passage, in which Hutton and Lohan compare irresponsible driving records:

LH: When was this accident?

LL: This was a year or two before the other one.

LH: How old were you?

LL: I was just turning 19. I was driving my Mercedes, my favorite car, which I worked my ass off to buy for myself . . . I had to just give it away because I was like, "It's bad luck now." At the same time, though, I am sort of a speed demon. It's exhilarating.

LH: I am too. I mean, I crashed going 110 miles an hour.

LL: On a racetrack?

LH: I was racing, but I wasn't on a racetrack. But I was going 110 miles an hour on a motorcycle, and I just went into the air...

LL: How long ago was that?

LH: Eight years ago. I was in a race with a bunch of guys.

LL: On a motorcycle? Is that necessary?

LH: I know, it was too much. I don't do it anymore. I sold all my motorcycles. I was dead, basically. So, anyway, let's have a cigarette.

LL: I have to pee, too. Restroom break!

LH: Turn that off.

[recorder off]