Joe Cuello is MTV's VP of "Creative Music Integration." He chooses what music goes into their fine reality shows. He "Makes The Hills Rock"(!). Why would someone send the nice man a box of poop?

A totally unverified rumor, courtesy of a tipster, who says they heard it from a witness:

Yesterday Joe Cuello Vice President of Creative Music Integration for MTV was messengered a box of shit (feces) to his office. Don't know why or by whom but it sounds like a copy of an episode of Entourage. It wasnt sent via USPS mail, just messengered in private. Also no indication if it was human or animal feces.

If true, this incident could be on a par with the legendary Pooping Intern story. What could spark such an outrageous action? A private feud? An inside music industry beef? Or could it be a small outcry from an artiste who objects to the soundtrack on Pimp My Ride? If you have any information on this alleged crime, please email us at once. Together we will discover the truth.