The Feds still want to throw accused Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff in jail for mailing mittens. Oh, and some diamonds and emeralds and other expensive things.

In December, Madoff mailed five packages of valuables; two went to his brother, who cosigned for his bail agreement, and others went to his children. The Financial Times reports on the contents:

The list reads less like a court document than a catalogue of the trappings of Park Avenue privilege: diamond Cartier and Tiffany watches, a diamond bracelet, four diamond brooches, a jade necklace, a gold watch and other assorted jewellery.... One package contained about 13 watches, one diamond necklace, an emerald ring and two sets of cufflinks and could exceed $1m.

And, bizarrely, a $200 pair of mittens. Who has $200 mittens? Madoff's lawyers called the items "heirlooms." Prosecutors say Madoff violated his bail agreement by sending the items, and that if he's not thrown in jail right away, he may continue to terrorize a frightened nation by mailing jewelry.

(Photo by Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images)