The Million Dollar Arm was a contest launched in India a couple years ago that attempted to find the country's fastest pitcher and get him into the Major Leagues—sort of Bull Durham meets Slumdog Millionaire.

They found two: Rinku Singh, and runner-up Dinesh Kumar Patel. Both are currently training right here in L.A. at USC's RDRBI Institute, and Dinesh has been documenting their amazing journey in a blog (which we discovered via Defamer editor-at-large Mark Lisanti's Tumblr).

Today, Dinesh relays the boys' reactions to a random sampling of American cinematic offerings:

Rinku and me mostly watching the action movie we saying. now we understanding more the English, so we trying comedies.

I must be telling you… American comedy very good thing about this. We watching movie Darjeeling Train. very funny movie having brothers on train in India. it looking just like village and peoples same.

We also watching American Comedy movie Borat. We not believing this movie good funny. we laughing very many times from this one.

We also watching the Cable Guy. The movie actor very good faces. he very crazy man, doing many crazy things in movie. End not so good.

Also we seeing movie calling ET. This very big movie in America history. It great story about boy and spaceman. it make you sad and also too making me laugh. this special movie.

Let's see how our own opinions line up: Check. Check. Check. Check. Yeah, these guys are throwing a perfect game. We're firmly Team Shitcan the Bens and Make it Dinesh & Rinku At the Movies.