Maybe Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick aren't so broke after all? Though they lost money in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, a tipster tells us they're flying first class to LA right now.

As our tipster emailed earlier this morning: "On American Airlines flight 1 to LAX. First row on the right. He wearing black hat and glasses and she with her back to the boarding passengers."

So they're in the air right now, as Flight 1 is the daily 9am departure. That's kind of funny to think about.

And first row means first class, and that ain't cheap! So that's reassuring. Plus, Kyra has all that money rolling in from The Closer., so they may have lost some of their savings, which sucks for them, but they still make more money with one gig than most of us could make in ten years. If you were worried about them, I think it's okay to exhale.