Capitalizing on Herman Rosenblat's infamy, a small upstate publisher eagerly trumpeted its "serious discussion" to publish Rosenblat's fake memoir as fiction. Or "to pull a Frey," in industry lingo.

York House Press in White Plains sent out a press release about the talks, then posted to its website a long digression about ethics, publishing and the Holocaust, and maybe Rosenblat invented this story to cope with his trauma. Bottom line?

No deliberate untruth is permissible, but beneath any fabrication is motivation and intent. We believe Mr. Rosenblat’s motivations were very human, understandable and forgivable...
York House Press is in serious discussion to publish a work of fiction in early spring that is based on the screenplay, tentatively called, Flower at The Fence, about Herman Rosenblat’s life and love story, that is grounded in fact and that rises to the proper levels of artistic value, ethical conduct and social responsibility.

Well, the infrastructure is all in place for another fake memoirist rehabilitation. Rosenblat and York House can hire James Frey's chum's PR agency (we're thinking agency partner Joe Dolce is perfect for this account); Frey, the lying memoirist turned bestselling novelist, could blurb; and Penguin Group could be asked to fact-check, just to make sure absolutely nothing in the movie is actually true.