Media elites call Anna Wintour's Vogue editorship stale, but after 20 years some in the creative underclass have grown attached. Or maybe, like Wintour, they've learned celebrities sell clothing.

The embattled editor would presumably make short work of these "Save Anne" t-shirts, if she deigned to offer her opinion on then. But creator Chris Sauve (pictured, right, with friend Jose), recently of Diane von Furstenberg and the Times design staff, found a shop in SoHo through which to sell them, and is no doubt cognizant of the importance of a nest egg to an itinerant graphic designer in these trying economic times.

Who will buy? Don't designers and editorial underlings alike relish the chance to escape the Prada-wearing "Devil's" clutches? Never underestimate the power of Stockholm Syndrome — or the nostalgia of enthralled dead-enders.