Why doesn't anyone ever write about the real victims of the current war in Gaza? That's right, the losers and freaks of Second Life.

Palestinians and their terrorist sympathizers streamed into Second Life Israel last week, as Real Life Israel launched missiles at Real Life Gaza. The aggrieved protesters promptly began destroying the quiet peace of the digital holy land, carrying signs and shouting obscenities at passing Jewish furries.

Second Life Israeli officials promptly beat back the threat.

Ms. Odets helped create SL Israel, so she maintains land permissions to the region. She began ejecting the most obstreperous protesters. "I had to be careful not to boot people who didn't actually do anything wrong," as she puts it. But the protesters kept coming, and eventually she felt forced to close all of SL Israel to outsiders. "Just shut it down for a little while. Just to make it stop. 'Cause people weren't wanting to be logical, or talk."

An intrepid reporter—truly a Second Life Joe the Plumber—ventured into the disputed territories and brought back reports of impassioned political debate between a Jew, a Muslim, and a rabbit named Shmoo Snook.