Oh hey, former celebrity magazine editor Bonnie Fuller is still writing some of the internet's columns most inexplicable columns, about celebrity issues. Today she answers the secret question: Why do celebs always die on vacation?

How many of YOUR friends or acquaintances pass away on vacations or in vacation spots? It certainly seems like celebrities are far more affected by this awful phenomenon than regular folks.

Good point Bonnie. Explain please, using your years of experience at celebrity magazines as a tool for insight.

# 1 Percentage wise, they have way more vacation time than the normal population

# 2 A lot of them are afflicted with a sense of infallibility. They don't think they can have accidents and that can translates into reckless behavior.

If only the Travoltas had a chance to read this before tragedy struck. Ah, well. Her work is saving future celebrities. [HuffPo]