So Roland Burris, the crazy new Illinois Senator-in-waiting, will be seated! According to the Associated Press! But not according to Harry Reid. But... maybe?

Yesterday Burris, who was selected by criminal Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich as a huge fuck-you to everyone on earth, went to Washington to join the Senate, but they didn't let him in, and he spent the day saying crazy things to the press. They say they can't seat him because his certificate hasn't been signed by the Illinois Secretary of State, but that is apparently just a formality.

So the AP just flat-out said Burris gets to be a Senator, but then that was denied, but now Harry Reid and Dick Durbin are apparently just hammering out the details of some sort of compromise deal.

So now we have this old crazy person, for at least two years, at which point he'll violate his promise to not run for another term, and probably lose.

Will this year's Senate seriously feature Al Franken, Caroline Kennedy, and Roland Burris? Let us hope Barack Obama gets a lot done in two years 'cause come January 2011 there will be like six Democratic Senators left, and they will all be named Kennedy.