Benicio Del Toro deserves credit for a great many things: his Oscar-winning acting, his inspiration to the mushmouthed, and now, for crafting 2009's very first meme.

The phrasing came during a tetchy exchange with New York magazine, where Del Toro was forced to defend his regional accent in Che:

There's been some criticism about your accent in the movie. You speak in a Caribbean Spanish accent while Che Guevara had an Argentine one. Was there a reason you made that choice?
Where'd you read that?

It was mentioned in the Variety review, among other places.
What do they know? He doesn't know Spanish. You should ask someone Cuban what my Spanish sounds like. Are you one of those people that believe what they read?

Well, then don't shoot it back at me, bro.

We shan't! Kudos, Mr. Del Toro, on crafting a new spin on what was becoming an old chestnut: "Don't tase me, bro." Now that we've found a suitable replacement, we shall toss that overdone phrase where memes go to die: on a Geocities page circa 1998, surrounded by flashing GIFs.

[Photo Credit: AP]