Remember brotastic internet niche figure Tucker Max and his objectively awful movie script? Where the hell is that flick, huh? Here, your full update on I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, the movie:

If you haven't been following Tucker's own extensive updates, we'll bring you right up to speed! The film is all done shooting now and is in post-production. His box office prediction: "I could make a very good argument for it making anything from 20 million all the way up to 200 million." But more importantly: "I think we made something special."

Furthermore: "I think this movie is fucking awesome, and I think it has the potential to be regarded as one of the best comedies released over the past generation."

They still have to get a rating, finish the editing, and get a distributor, so Tucker doesn't want to get ahead of himself. The release would probably come in the second half of this year, at the earliest. But he can see the film "becoming the type of movie that is on everyone's DVD shelf, that is referenced thousands of times in hundreds of contexts," based on the anecdotal evidence:

There was the 60 year old woman at the second LA screening, the crippled one with the cane who got in because she was the ride of someone else we invited. She could not be farther from our projected demographic...and she LOVED the movie. Raved about it.

It was probably the dookie pants scene that grabbed her. We think this could be big! Anyone with fresh info, as always, feel free to email us. [Learn all about this wondrous auteur here]