Yesterday was the official beginning of midseason TV! Starting with Gossip Girl. Now all your other favorite shows are coming back, plus some new ones. Let's a take a look.

Welcome Back!

Big Love, Jan. 18th
Excellent show with beautiful acting from everyone, especially Jeanne Tripplehorn as the put-upon first wife of a Utah polygamist family. Watch the first two seasons in the next two weeks and become a bleary-eyed addict.

Lost, Jan. 21st
What can I really say? The most engaging, mysterious, and stirring show network television has put out in a looong time. You've four seasons to whiz through if you're going to catch up, or you can do like some and try desperately to avoid the spoilers for two more seasons and watch the whole thing when the eventual DVD box set is released. That would be an amazing few weeks. You'd probably get fired.

Flight of the Conchords, Jan. 18th
You can already watch the first episode of the gonzo Kiwi musical comedy. Jemaine and Brett are in top form as usual.

The Real World: Brooklyn, this Wednesday
ZOMG, this probably should not be filed under "good," because it will be terrible. But admit it. You're sort of curious. God knows we are. For the first episode at least. Then we'll forget it and let it molder.

Battlestar Galactica, Jan. 16th
The last 10 episodes ever! The show has become a bit too byzantine—we'd be lying if we said we really have any idea what the hell is going on at this point. But, we still want to know who the last Cylon is.

Please Go Away (Again)

Trust Me, Jan. 26th
This is that TNT show that you've seen laboriously advertised if you've been to a movie in the last few weeks and been forced to watch one of those irksome "First Look" things before the previews. It's about the insanely smug team of Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh doing advertising or something. Ick.

American Idol: Season 342, a week from today
It's basically just going to be terrible, what with its new judge and just tired everything and oh God we're going to watch the whole miserable thing until we get bored with it by the final four and just stay til the end so we can punch our time cards and go home.

The United States of Tara, Jan. 18th
We were sort of curious to hop over to Showtime after Big Love to see this Toni Colette series about a woman with highly pronounced multiple personalities. But then there was the Diablo "Juno" Cody factor, and our Los Angeles cousin hated it and now we just think it's going to be bad news.

Heroes, Feb. 2nd
There's a new "volume" or something called "Fugitives." Whatever. Worst-written show ever.

The Last Templar, Jan. 25th
Remember when Mira Sorvino won an Oscar? Now she's an archaeologist solving low-budge mysteries on network television.

So that's that! The New York Times has a full list in their TV section, so you can sift through what else is coming up and decide if it's going to be awful or annoying or both. Happy watching. We guess.