Former Gawker hottie Benoit Denizet-Lewis is still riding the addiction train to literary success! The America Anonymous author and unveiler of Down Low culture is writing about his sex addiction, luckily for pervs like you:

Where better than a god damn "Modern Love" column to let it all loose? He drove 130 miles to hook up with guys he met online—two nights in a row! He couldn't quit the chat rooms! He lost jobs and relationships to porn, cheating, etc.! Finally he went to sex rehab and got 'sober.' But not before this:

I never kept my addiction secret from guys I had relationships with, and I was surprised by how little it seemed to faze them. When I told one boyfriend, he said, “Oh, aren’t all guys sort of addicted to sex?” It was only when I cheated on them for the third time, or slipped out of bed while they were sleeping to have phone sex with a stranger in the kitchen, that the seriousness of my addiction sunk in for them.

Interesting (?).Now you can never say you don't know quite a bit about the sex addiction of Benoit Denizet-Lewis. [NYT]