· David E. Kelley has chosen Charity Wakefield to star in Legally Mad. The Actresses-Who-Look-Like-Michelle Pfeiffer Guild is up in arms over the choice of a brunette candidate who looks nothing like Michelle Pfeiffer. [THR]

· Announcing the First Agency-Hopper of 2009 is always a joyous occasion, and so forgive us if we're beaming a little as we relay the news that Antonio Banderas has left the CAA Death Star to leap into Ed Limato's agenty embrace at WMA. [Variety]
· The Vancouver Film Critics Circle have announced the nominees for their year-end awards: Milk, WALL-E, and Slumdog Millionaire are all in contention for best picture, which suggests to us that Vancouver film critics are incorrigibly wide-eyed dreamers, and possibly gay. [Variety]
· The Painted Veil director John Curran will direct The Beautiful and the Damned, about F. Scott Fitzgerald's tumultuous relationship with Zelda Sayre, with Keira Knightley in the Zelda role. Said Knightley, "I don't know—I just wanted to try something different so I thought I'd give period drama a try." [Variety]
· Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to star in The Expendables, an action film written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, to be followed by a string of deficient Expendables sequels and one last Expendable hoorah about 20 years later. [THR]