Sad former president George H. W. Bush wishes his smart son, Jeb, had maybe been the second president Bush, but it's too late now.

Jeb, the former governor of Florida, is the only one of G. H. W.'s sons to not end up a total embarrassment, but George W., the eldest, cleaned himself up just enough to steal Jeb's thunder when he won the governorship of Texas before Jeb won in Florida. That led to the presidency, and we all know how that ended up! But now Jeb would maybe like to be a Senator, so he can at least stay in the public eye as he works to scrub the Bush name clean once again.

But Bush Sr. acknowledged, on Fox, that while he'd certainly like Jeb to be president some day, we have had maybe one too many Presidents Bush, in modern times, for that to be viable, at the moment.

Bush Sr.'s intelligence and foreign policy pragmatism have made him seem, in retrospect, not so bad, but let us never forget how much his family has hurt the nation (until 2016 or so when we will have all forgotten). Also the Bay of Pigs! That was pretty much his fault.