Opponent Norm Coleman is already promising a challenge, but as of Monday famed senator-impersonator Al Franken will be an official senate-election winner, per a Minnesota election board.

The Minnesota Secretary of State told CNN the state canvassing board plans to certify Monday a 225-vote victory for Franken. Then Coleman has seven days to challenge, which he's already promising to do, over some absentee ballots he thinks should have been counted. (The same boad certified Franek the loser in November, by 215 votes.)

So God knows when this thing truly ends, but it's looking more and more like Franken is going to have to stop being funny for the next six years, because he'll be in the senate, as the RNC's new Hillary Clinton. Then in 2014 this whole mess starts all over again, probably with the Republicans running the lizard people against Franken.