The Minnesota Senate race recount will never, ever end, and everyone in that cold and desolate state has obviously proven to be a complete buffoon. Let's meet one of those buffoons now!

This was mentioned, briefly, in the all-star last Crappy Hour ever, but it warrants more attention: Minnesota is fast becoming one of the three states that'll probably end up one Senator short once the 111th Congress finally convenes on January 6 (who knew Delaware would get its shit together so fast?). The recount is almost done barring a Hail Mary Supreme Court request by Norm Coleman, who's currently a couple dozen votes behind Al Franken with only wrongly rejected absentee ballots left to consider. But the more important news? One of the rightly rejected absentee ballots came, of course, from a Minnesota Election Judge!

A Coleman lawyer informed Duluth election judge Shirley Graham that her absentee ballot was rejected by the Coleman campaign, because "the date next to her signature did not match the date next to the signature of her witness, Jack Armstrong." Shirley has absolutely no idea how this happened:

That's dumbfounding, Graham said. "Both of us are former educators, and he used to work in the secretary of state's office," she said. "As he sat across the table from me, he actually said, 'Shirley, this date has to be the same.' I don't understand how it could be different."

So of course Coleman's team requested that her ballot be rejected, and of course Graham actually tried to vote for Norm Coleman, so it was a grand and glorious failure all around. Minnesota doesn't deserve a second Senator, we need a strong and capable leader like Rod Blagojevich to decide this shit for us.