Since President Bush said he couldn't stay at the White House's secure guest residence per tradition, Barack Obama will this weekend move into a secure Washington DC hotel. The Secret Service seems nervous.

After all, the president-elect's people won't tell anyone where he's staying. Not even Us Weekly! Reports the Times:

the future first family will hole up in one of the city’s most exclusive hotels.... The Obama team... found a hotel with a suite large enough for the presidential family until the Obamas can move to Blair House. Transition officials would not identify the hotel out of security concerns.

By moving to DC early, Obama will be able to send his daughters to the elitist Sidwell Friends school, a private country club run by Quaker hippies, for liberals.

Also, he gets to go to a "White House luncheon on Wednesday to which Mr. Bush has invited every former president." Then on January 15, five days before inauguration, he can finally move into that guest house. Which will be trashed from the ex-or-current-presidents-only afterparty he wasn't invited to.