Bloomberg aide Kevin Sheekey is a late addition to our list of people who should be unemployed in 2009.

Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey just wanted to squeeze in one more bonehead move before the end of the year, having launched his stupid "Bloomberg will run for president" campaign as 2007 dragged to a boring close. That furor lasted well into the beginning of this year, even though no one on the planet besides some billionaires on the coasts ever thought Bloomberg would appeal to anyone besides rich people on the coasts. Sheekey kept pushing the non-story to the press, and the press kept lapping it up, and look, we made a joke about it more than a year ago, we were so young then.

Then Sheekey, Bloomberg's top aide, remember, fucked up his boss's third term egofest, because he thought it was a dumb idea. Bloomberg went through with it anyway and the dailies, usually supportive of Mike, piled on him.

He finished up the year with this weird little pet project, supporting Caroline Kennedy. His master plan was to quickly drum up massive popular support for Kennedy, bypassing Paterson and eventually forcing him to give in to the public will and give this lady the seat her name earned her. Hah.