Caroline Kennedy now almost certainly won't be the new Praetor of New York! The overreaching Bloomberg aide pushing her has given up. Good news for her!

(Isn't that a counterintutive read on this story?) (Slate, call me!)

The Post reports:

Mayor Bloomberg's top political aide is pulling back on his lobbying campaign to propel Caroline Kennedy into the U.S. Senate because "it wasn't working," according to sources.

"Everything was backfiring," said one source of the intense behind-the-scenes effort by Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey.

"He's not out front any more."

Anyways now the Kennedy thing is surely sunk, as there's no longer any political support for her, just a bit of popular support, mostly among women Democrats, and we know how the party feels about appeasing them. Sorry, Caroline! Back you to go the Upper East Side to sleep in your sheets made of money (probably Euros).

But, you know, mixed blessing. The failure of this bid is good for her because it's bad for us! Say your foreign scandal-mongering publisher really wanted to use his media outlet to take down Ms. Kennedy. Well he's got a better time of it if she's an appointed Senator and not just some harmless New York rich lady with a probably sham marriage and a kid who enjoys a bit of booze now and then.

Of course if you are this publisher, maybe she helps your daughter get into prep school and the little scandal with her daughter is forgotten. But if you are a different foreign-born publisher with no daughter maybe you just float the Kennedy daughter story anyway (supposedly she is anorexic?), along with the other one about how she's boning the publisher of yet another newspaper!

Unless of course it's just not news anymore because her bid is doomed, in which case, forget it.