In my puff-piece about The City today, I wondered who this "Erin" was. The show's star Whitney is crashing on her couch. She was called a hooker. But who is she? A tipster has told us!

The tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, informs us:

Erin, the ghastly "Downtown Girl" of The City, is Erin Williams, whose dad, Cliff Williams is the bassist for AC/DC. I was at NYU with her ... my impression was that she is a huge party girl who wrenches hearts out of nice boys' chests and does a soft-shoe on the whole bloody mess just for fucks.

OK, so not exactly the reveal of the century. But a little more info! Still, the bigger question of how she's connected to the show remains a murky secret held captive in MTV's Department of Mysteries. Update: Or does it. A helpful commenter has pointed us to this post from Gay Men's Social Crisis, that details how Ms. Erin may have gotten the gig on the show. She and Whitney go way back, sort of!

At least the tipster sent photos.