The list of Ponzi ponce Bernie Madoff's victims grows ever longer, and ever famouser. Kevin Bacon and his beautiful wife Kyra Sedgwick! And poor, impoverished New York University.

New York Mag tells us (by way of our faraway brother that we only see on holidays Defamer) that Bacon Brothers frontman Kevin and his wife, Heart and Souls weeper Kyra Sedgwick, have lost an undisclosed sum after investing in Madoff's rickety funds. Their rep asks us to "not speculate or rely on hearsay." Fair enough. But, apparently it's pretty bad. Like, they might be ruined. So we're gonna speculate. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are now homeless.

Also affected was NYU, the purple scourge of Greenwich Village. The institution, possessor of a $2.5 billion endowment, lost some $23 million when Madoff lifted all three cups and revealed that the little ball wasn't, in fact, under any of them.

No reports yet of any horrible suicides, but it is, as always, a good idea to keep Mr. Bacon away from children. Seriously.